Bandai – Bandai Online Shop Exclusive – Mobile LCD Toy – Digimon Adventure: Digivice 2020

Bandai – Bandai Online Shop Exclusive – Mobile LCD Toy – Digimon Adventure: Digivice 2020

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A new Digivice is on the way, and it’s a rather elaborate one. Bandai Premium has begun preorders for the Digimon Adventure Digivice. This is based upon characters seen in the anime, complete with LED light effects that change depending on the character you have. So if you have a character from Tai’s Agumon line, the LEDs will be orange, while one from Sora’s Biyomon line would make it appear red.

As far as gameplay goes, this Digimon Adventure Digivice adds two new systems. The Battle System has a roulette connected to the LEDs on your device. Digimon buffs can be earned by stopping it at the right time. The Quest System gives you a Digital World map with 11 areas. As you go through them, you’ll be able to fight enemies and perhaps meet new Partner Digimon. In the screenshot on the product page, it shows Agumon meeting Tentomon.

These premium Digivice come with their own individual Digimon that accompanied each individual DigiDestined throughout the first season of Digimon Adventure. Each Digivice comes with their own, unqiue color to signify which Digimon is available to raise and train.

The photos gallery are looking at some of the different stages of evolution in the Digimon Adventure Digivice. Keep in mind that the LEDs for some have processed and artificial lights.

Brand: Bandai
Series: Digimon Adventure
Est. Release Time: Feb 2021 (subjected to change without further notice)
Est. Time Arrival: Mar 2021 - Apr 2021 (subjected to change without further notice)

*Deposit payment is required to reserve a set.*

Retail shop:
107 North Bridge Road, #04-14 Funan, Singapore 179105
Exit : City Hall Mrt
Mon to Sun 11am to 9pm

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