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Bandai Mobile LCD Toy – Digital Monster Vital Bracelet DIMCard Set Vol.1 Volcanic Beat & Blizzard Fang

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"Vital Breath" has a built-in heart rate monitor function and pedometer function, and you can enjoy new entertainment utilizing activity data such as heart rate and step count. This product uses a color liquid crystal display and is equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery that can be charged via USB. Furthermore, various data can be added by using the separately sold card-type interlocking item. With the three functions of PULSE LINK, TOUCH LINK, and APPLOG LINK, users and "Vital Breath" can be linked and their activities can be reflected in the content.

Points of "Vital Breath Digital Monster" products When
you load the Dim card attached to the main body into "Vital Breath Digital Monster", "Digitama" appears in Vital Breath. By wearing Vital Breath on your arm and adding Digimon hatched from Digitama to your daily activities, you can grow them by completing various missions centered on exercise!

The vital value and mental (state) of Digimon fluctuate according to the user's activity data (heart rate / steps), leading to development and evolution.

Auto-battle is activated by touching "Vital Breath" on an IC device that emits radio waves, such as a smartphone equipped with NFC. The winning percentage of battles changes depending on the activity status of users and the mentality of Digimon, and it also affects the development and evolution of Digimon.

Cooperation with a dedicated smartphone app *. You can add user activity records, add daily missions, and register the cultivated Digimon in the Digimon Encyclopedia on the app. The app is scheduled to be updated in the future, and it will be possible to browse online battles with users nationwide, "Raid Battle" to defeat enemies in cooperation with multiple users, and rankings.
* The dedicated smartphone app is scheduled to be released in March.

The evolution of Digimon depends on the vital value, winning percentage, and the number of missions completed.
You can enjoy the evolution of your own Digimon through the activities of each user!

"Dim Card" allows you to change and expand areas and cultivable Digimon. The data is different, and it is possible to grow as many new Digimon as there are "Dim Cards"! We are planning to develop many "Dim Card" series in the future!

Est. Release Date: May 2021 (subjected to change without further notice)
Est. SG Arrival Date: June ~ July 2021 (subjected to change without further notice)
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