Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2 Deep Savers Original Blue Orange

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Product Description
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "Digimon Pendulum"!
Introducing the "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" with a color LCD!
~ Product PV paying homage to the original TV commercial is also released! ~

Product Features
In October 1998, following the original "Digital Monster" series, the "Digimon Pendulum", a popular LCD toy with a built-in pendulum (swing), was released. To commemorate its 25th anniversary in 2023, we are launching the renewed "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 1 NATURE SPIRITS", "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2 DEEP SAVERS", and "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 3 NIGHTMARE SOLDIERS" with color LCDs.

The body colors are original silver-blue from "Digimon Pendulum 1.0 NATURE SPIRITS", original blue-orange from "Digimon Pendulum 2.0 DEEP SAVERS", and original red-black from "Digimon Pendulum 3.0 NIGHTMARE SOLDIERS", totaling 3 types. This is the first re-release for the DEEP SAVERS and NIGHTMARE SOLDIERS colors.

The exterior design is based on the original version released in 1998, but has been redesigned to incorporate a color LCD and a built-in rechargeable battery without compromising the size. The LCD features the first-ever color display for Digimon Pendulum. Not only are the characters in color, but you can also change the background design, which was not possible before. By communicating with different versions, including the already released "Digital Monster COLOR" series, you can obtain new background images. The device also has a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to play by charging with the included cable, which is USB Type-C compatible.
* A USB port, such as on a computer, is required for charging.

The Digimon featured are reorganized based on the original lineup and divided by version. "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 1 NATURE SPIRITS" includes 32 species such as Triceramon and Tailmon, "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2 DEEP SAVERS" includes 32 species such as Lucamon and Plesiomon, and "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 3 NIGHTMARE SOLDIERS" includes 32 species such as Wizardmon and LadyDevimon. Digimon from the original versions "1.5", "2.5", and "3.5" are also included in each version. There are also evolution routes unlocked by communicating with a different version of "Digimon Pendulum COLOR".

The iconic Jogress feature of Digimon Pendulum is also included. By combining specific Digimon, you can evolve into completely new Digimon or those that could not evolve in the original versions. There are also Digimon that can evolve through Jogress combinations within each version or with a different version.

* Digimon that evolved through Jogress with a different version will appear in the following combinations:
- "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 1" & "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 3"
* "Digimon Pendulum COLOR 2" includes one Digimon that can only evolve through Jogress with a product planned for future release.

The training and battle animations replicate the nostalgic effects of the original, while the "pendulum (swing)" function is supported by an accelerometer. The results of training and the power of attacks in battles change based on the number of times the device is swung. A battle mode that can be played solo without communication is also included.

This product also offers enhanced user support features. Compared to the 1998 version, the growth speed has increased. There's also a "cold mode" where growth stops and the Digimon's hunger and strength don't decrease while it's in this mode. You can also save one Digimon as a backup using the backup system. Digimon saved with the backup system can also be used as partners for Jogress when there's no communication partner.

* This product is only compatible with the "Digital Monster COLOR" and "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" series.

The product PV pays homage to the 1998 "Digimon Pendulum" TV commercial. With the memorable phrase "Monmon Digimon nurture Monmon", the PV features a man in a swimsuit dancing, and the song and visuals have been arranged and re-released for the "Digimon Pendulum COLOR" version.

Set Contents:
- Digimon Pendulum COLOR .
- Charging cable.
- Instruction manual.

Product Size:
- H 44 x W 63 x D 20mm (excluding keychain part)

- Lithium-ion polymer battery (built-in)
* A USB port, such as on a computer, is required for charging.

Est. Release Date: Feb 2024 (subjected to change without further notice)
Est. SG Arrival Date: Mar - Apr 2024 (subjected to change without further notice)
Order/Deposit Payment Deadline: 17th Oct 2023 or While Stock Last

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