Weiss Schwarz JP Bang Dream Girls Band Party! Countdown Collection Premium Booster Box

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Manufactured by: Bushiroad.
Text Language: Japanese.
Card Size: Standard Size (MTG / Pokemon)

Booster Box Contains:
6x Booster Packs

- Past [Bundle! Series] cards are re-recorded with new illustrations! !
* Card illustrations are bundled! Girls band party! Luxurious use of the 6th anniversary countdown illustration!

- Each pack contains a glittering foil-stamped card!
- In addition, the SP (special) card is a stamped signature card of each member!

* Card information such as card names and card texts may differ in part from what was previously recorded.
*Climax cards are not included in this product.

[Number of card types]
- N (Normal) 105 types + BDR (Bundle Rare)
- 105 foil stamped cards + SP (special)
- 35 stamped member signatures

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Exit : City Hall Mrt
Mon to Sun 10.30am to 9.30pm

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